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Having a website designed is one thing, having it designed properly (both coding and content working together for the search engines to maximize your ranking is another). And it also goes a little further: maintaining your content, adding content to your website and networking by having your website linked to other sources all play the same part in how search engines view your website as importance or not, the more importance the higher in the listings.


Your website is competing against 1.000.000’s of other websites that share the same interests as yours. In today’s market the World Wide Web (WWW) has become for many a main source for their bread-and-butter. And it’s amazing to see a small company share the same high ranking as large corporations, and it’s mostly due because they see their website more then just a few codes and text.


The technology behind search engine giants like Google and Yahoo, have gone beyond the days when everyone was able spam their websites in selfish ways to get them noticed. Today there is growing technology in-place that prevents people to take advantage of a global communication tool that for many is vital.


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Traecy Berryman, a creative brain


Hi. I'm Traecy. I have a creative brain; or to be more precise, I have the expertise and knowledge to create interesting and intelligent marketing collateral. I will help you communicate clearly to your clients, so they get as excited about your business as you are… 'Cause it isn't worth doing if it doesn't inspire!



Michael Linehan, Marketing Alchemy. Search engine optimization and content development


Thanks to Michael Linehan’s advices my website rank climbed from beyond page 100 in Google to page 1 within a few months.


Here is his website blurb:



Marketing Alchemy offers expertise in each of the following five key areas, and combines them to create YOUR effective website. In particular, we can bring to your efforts on the Web the strategic planning, marketing knowledge and promotion that may currently be under-addressed.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Content Development
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Promotion


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