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Having a professional author portrait will add professionalism to your book. Your author’s photo can be placed on your back book cover, inside the back sleeve or at the back of your interior pages within the back matter. If your book is a self biography, memoir, etc, a self portrait can be taken for your book cover as well as your author photo.


Since a professional photographer produces photos at high quality print, you can also use your photo on printed marketing materials to promote your book and/or convert your photo to be placed on your website. Some photographers will provide you with a colour and black and white version of your photo, but make sure you enquire first to make sure. Given all the uses that your photo can provide, you’ll defiantly get your moneys worth.


Below is a list of professional photographers. You are free to contact any of them directly. I do not receive a fee. They are listed for your convenience.


Here are their official blurbs:





Henry Feather Photographer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Henry Feather is a Toronto based commercial photographer, concentrating in advertising and executive portraiture. Working with people in Canada for more than twenty years, Henry has developed an 'easy going' style that corporate executives and art directors alike are able to connect with enabling Henry to push the creative limits. This style has made him a welcome partner with many art directors, designers, and corporate media directors.


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