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eBook (short for electronic book) or also known as a digital book is an electronic version of the traditional printed book. Authors are taking full advantage of its new market audience to further distribute their book through Portable communication devises.


Below are the companies that I use that specialize in converting your book design file into an eBook for portable communication devices. I can act as a liaison between you and the company or you can act on your own.


Feel free to contact them directly for the eBook services they offer. I don’t receive a fee, they are listed for your convenience.


Here are their official blurbs:





eBook Architects

eBook Architects is committed to making the eBook creation and publication process easy and affordable.


After formatting eBooks for many years, one thing we have learned is that there is little or no consistency between the files we get from clients. Some publishers use InDesign, some use Quark, and some use other programs. Authors typically use a word processing program like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Corel WordPerfect. The variation in file types and quality, even from one publisher or author, can be extensive.


Our conversion processes take all of these issues into account. We also include the Mobipocket / Kindle and ePub formats in our base prices because they are the eBook formats used in most of the eBook devices and software options on the market.


Please feel free to call Joshua Tallent with questions, thoughts, or projects at 512-939-3466



BRADY TYPE — Print + Digital Book Production

Brady Type is a Toronto-based, strictly Canadian ebook conversion house.


EPubs, MOBI, fixed-layout or reflowable — do you feel like you are lost in a foreign land? Don’t worry. Brady Type has the experience to guide you through the digital book process. From turning out a self-published ebook to converting an entire backlist to ePubs, we’ve done it all and will bring our experience to your project as well. A sought-after leader in the ebook realm, Laura and her team can help you decide which format and platforms to publish on and can help you get your product there.


Feel free to contact Laura Brady with your inquiry at 905-951-2135



eBook Conversion, a venture of Supremus Group, provides outstanding ebook conversion services. With the growing demand of ebooks, publishers as well as individual authors are looking forward to sell their ebooks in formats like Kindle, Mobipocket, MS Reader, ePub, etc. High quality and low cost ebook conversion service provided by us has helped many publishers and authors to sell their ebooks on many ebook publishing websites and ebook stores.


Deep understanding and thorough knowledge of the ebook conversion process has put us ahead in this field. We can usually convert any type of word, pdf or any other format file to kindle, Mobipocket, MS reader, or any other format, regardless of the number lot of images or other complex formatting issues. We have highly skilled people who can execute these tasks in the most professional and expert way in less turn around time.


Use their Free online tool at 'ePud Convertion' to validate your DRM-free ePub document using epubcheck 1.0.5.


Feel free to contact Bob Mehta with all enquiries at 515-865-4591





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