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book designer david morattoHi my name is David Moratto,


I’m a professional book designer living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I see a book as an extension to the author's body of work. Each books story/subject is unique in that it’s reflected by the author’s subject matter, and that is the approach I take to each book design, working closely with the author and/or publisher. I use no pre designed templates for my interiors or covers, each design is inspired by the content. Providing self-published authors’ and publishing companies a book design to be proud of.


My background story starts with art. Art has always played a role in my life and continues to do so through design, drawing, painting and sculpturing. Art led me along the path to Humber College studying advertising and design. After working in many design roles within companies, desktop publishing fell into my lap, and I took the best of art, design, and desktop publishing into book design and have never looked back.


I studied and received my diplomas in desktop publishing from University of Toronto, and advertising and design from Humber College.


Currently I’m writing and illustrating a science fiction novel and have a few personal book design projects that I’m working on to implement. I’m also working towards a gallery showing for my paintings. Here are a few of my personal illustrations & paintings - past & present.





  • Adobe InDesign for page layouts
  • Adobe Photoshop for images
  • Adobe Illustrator for vector artwork; such as book ornaments, charts, illustrated graphics, etc.
  • Adobe Acrobat for packaging page layouts into printable PDFs





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