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book designer david morattoThis is what my clients say.


Dick Wagner — 'Not Only Women Bleed'

Author, Musician.

"When I made the decision to enhance my literary profile by going from an EBook to full hard cover, my first thought was who to assign the hard cover layout design. I immediately set my sights on David Moratto, for his extraordinary Quality vision doing print layouts, and his on time and thorough work ethic. The results are where the book and realities meet. The layout is where the stars meet and the story begins to reveal to you its nature. David Moratto is clearly an elevated soul, who thinks on a deep level, and does great art." Dick Wagner, Author of NOT ONLY WOMEN BLEED, Vignettes from the heart of a rock musician, 2012. I RECCOMEND ALL AUTHORS SEEK THE BRILLIANCE OF DAVID MARATTO.



Jeremy Freeman — 'Chess Tactics: Weapons for the Chess Warrior'



Working with David has been a wonderful experience. He is truly an expert at what he does; I found David to be professional, creative with ideas, and a perfectionist when it comes to details. His design skills and problem-solving abilities are first-rate. I highly recommend David!



John Benz — 'Do the Clearing'



David's work is outstanding. A truly elegant design!


David worked with me and took my suggestions well. Most of the time though, I decided to trust his choices, and I'm glad I did. When I look at my book now, it's obvious to me that David's creativity and experience are the reason the design turned out as good as it did. He is a true artist, with a keen eye for the user experience. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I am more than pleased with the interior of my book.



Eric Zuesse — 'They're Not Even Close'



David Moratto is terrific! He doesn't use the standard come-on trick of hooking you on a deal in order to overcharge for even minor changes. I like his straight-up way of dealing.



Laurie Thomas — 'Not Trivial'



My book Not Trivial explains that the classical liberal arts and the humanities are still important today. To support that message, I needed a book design that shows reverence for classic artwork and traditional typography, without looking dated. I’m thrilled with David’s design.



William Ney Hansard — 'Lost in Zombieland'


Brentwood, Tennessee USA

David Moratto is an obsessive perfectionist when it comes to book design. His creative talent and problem-solving abilities are phenomenal. He created a beautiful interior for me, and he completely re-created my original cover. David is a master practitioner of the art of book design. I will put my next books in his capable hands.



Claudio Colaguori — 'Agon Culture: Competition, Conflict and the Problem of Domination'

Sociologist, Author

Toronto, Ontario

de Sitter Publications

David is a true professional, inventive with ideas but also taking great care when it comes to details. We are very pleased with both his interior pages and book cover designs. A pleasure to work with, we look forward to calling on him for our book designs in the future.



Michael Mirolla — 40+ book titles, and counting...

Publisher and Editor-In-Chief

Guernica Editions

Oakville, Ontario

Working with David on designing a cover for my book was a delight. He was patient and worked non-stop until I was satisfied. Not only does he have a highly creative artistic side which gives him great insight into what looks good, he also has excellent skills on the technical side as well. His calm approach to the creative collaborative process mades him very easy to work with, and in the end we came up with an excellent design for my book which he executed to perfection. I will use him again in the future!



Julie Wilson — 'Beyond the Sold Sign'

Sales Rep, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Canada certified (SRES)


Working with David was truly a pleasure. David's experience, expertise and patience eased the overwhelming process of designing the interior of my book. David's creative ability and keen eye for detail knew exactly what would look great.


David is a true expert in designing book layouts and many other graphic creations like logos and promotional marketing materials and more.


"David, you took my pages of words and created a book that dazzles the readers eyes! Thank you David for making my dream come to life. You are a true artist."



J.A. Jernay 'The Uruguay Amethyst' and 'The American Turquoise'



David's talent for drawing ornaments markers lent a measure of class and beauty to my ebooks that would've been missing otherwise.  Highly recommended.



Kelly Morisseau 'Kelly’s Kitchen Sync'

Certified Kitchen Designer, Author

Walnut Creek, California, U.S.A

It was a pleasure to work with David Moratto on my book interior for Kelly’s Kitchen Sync.


I knew from looking at his website that he had the experience to help make my book professional. David was responsive, made changes quickly, and offered some excellent suggestions on to make the interior flow.


His background also as a graphic designer meant I didn’t have to outsource my graphics which was a definite bonus.


I look forward to get my next book finished so I can work with him again. His skill and expertise was worth every penny.



Kelly Morisseau

Kelly’s Kitchen Sync



Rawl Grant 'Indigo, My Latin Tongue'

Poet, musician

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

You are a impressionist. Thank you, it looks great!



Mary Goodman 'Make Banks Compete'

Co-founder and CEO of Bottom Line Up Enterprises, Author

Austin, Texas, U.S.A

David, is amazing! It’s because of his layout and design that the text and tables flow flawlessly from page to page. He's phenomenally talented and one of the most skilled, dedicated and diligent people we've ever had the pleasure of working with.


Thank you for the remarkable work you’ve done and for your patience and guidance.


By the way, every time we pick up the book we are blown away with how good it looks!



Nicole Wright M.A. Social Anthropologist — 10+ book titles and counting...


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At Museum of Moments, our clients receive the highest quality service and products. An experienced book designer, David uses a blend of original designs and new styles to create one-of-a-kind, unique books - just as our clients are unique!



Brian Hester 'Life On The Rocks'

Geologist, Author

Vineland, Ontario, Canada

When I was preparing memoirs for publication, I used David Moratto's services for the design and arrangements of illustrations as well as for the format of the cover. He displayed considerable talent in this respect and was most helpful with suggestions. I was very pleased with the outcome. The final presentation has drawn favorable comments from readers. David has my authority to show the book to potential clients. After this experience with David, I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone contemplating using them.



Shawn D. Phelps 'Help Me, Asia'


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I loved working with David on my book. He was collaborative from the start and professional to the finish. But what makes him special is how much he truly cares about the details and "getting it right." I highly recommend him for designing book covers or anything else.



Mary Goodman 'Assess Opportunities'

Co-founder and CEO of Bottom Line Up Enterprises, Author

Austin, Texas, U.S.A

David did an amazing job in an impossibly short time frame. It's hard to say which was better - his creative designs or the ease of working with him. Both were perfect! Both Rich and I appreciate everything you've done and look forward to working with you on the next project.






Renee Fanjon 2011, 2012, 2013 company catalogs

President, Padma’s Plantation

West Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A

Working with David was a pleasure. I had the best in terms of design aesthetic and professionalism.



Patricia Gavros 'Crumbled Oak Leaf'

Author and Poet

Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A

Hi David,


Everything looks BEAUTIFUL! I just can't tell you how happy I am with everything you've done for me. You've done an outstanding job on every facet of my book and the coordinating materials that go along with it. I like the whole concept, the cover, interior design (it's my favorite!), the bookmarkers, the postcards, the note cards, they're all wonderful and I think they all complement each other perfectly. I know how very hard you've worked on my project and I'm so appreciative of your patience and extra effort. This has been a wonderful experience for me. I'm looking forward to working on additional things with you as this venture progresses.


Thanks again.





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