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Below you’ll find professional book cover designers. There is no substitute for a top end book cover design. It is the first impression that everyone will have from all the hard work that you put into your manuscript. Your book cover is meant to open the way to the viewer to pick up your book and walk away with it. It is meant to sell your book.


I don’t receive a fee from you contacting anybody listed below, nor am I involved between you and the book designer. They are listed for your convenience to contact directly. Below are their official website blurbs.





George Foster

George Foster has been called the best book cover designer in the country, a master at designing book covers that sell, a lucky charm, and a true gentleman with a passion for his work. His covers open doors at every stage of selling, from distributors to reviewers to retailers to customers. He has designed the cover for more than one thousand books for publishers large and small including Simon & Schuster, Harcourt Brace, Pearson Education, St. Martin’s Press, Crossroad Publishing, Oceanview Publishing and early books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.


Ravven — (

Ravven’s cover design techniques are unique and personalized for a certain type of book genre. And if your book happens to fall within it, Ravven is the person to contact!



And remember to explore the illustrator link, you might find a style that is unique to your book’s vision.


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